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From the vast universe of stocks traded in the U.S. we select the cream of the crop, the companies that have the highest prospects for significant price advances. Our fundamental criteria identify the very best profitable businesses which are growing and present good value, a company profile best summarized as growth at a reasonable price. GuruFolios are pre-selected baskets of stocks, intended to be monitored and rebalanced once every 4 weeks. As illustrated in the graph and the table below, cumulative returns have been quite remarkable.

GuruFolio Advantages

Folio A is growth oriented
Folio B is pure value
Infrequent trading
No complicated methodologies
Easy to manage
No e-mails, no daily chores

Folio A
Folio B
S&P 500
Year 2023
Cumulative return since 1/4/02
Annualized return since 1/4/02
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