Managed Accounts

Our TradeGuru subscribers normally implement the system and trade themselves. Now, in collaboration with MARKETTRENDSM Advisors, we are pleased to make it possible for you to have your money managed by a professional who is expert at implementing the TradeGuru strategies.

If you are frequently traveling, do not have daily access to e-mail, or perhaps you do not have the time to watch the signals or do not feel comfortable deciding and placing the trades yourself, not to worry, MARKETTREND Advisors will implement the TradeGuru strategy, amongst others, for you in your managed account.

TradeGuru and MARKETTREND Advisors are two different entities and TradeGuru gets no remuneration to display this message here. TradeGuru does not endorse, promote, or recommend MARKETTREND Advisors investment services, and any decision to use MARKETTREND Advisors is exclusively up to the individual.

You can find all the details about MARKETTREND Advisors and managed accounts by going directly to their Web site at or by contacting them directly at:

MARKETTREND Advisors, Ltd.
3720 Gattis School Road #800-214
Round Rock, TX 78664

(512) 255-8722
Fax: (512) 255-8732

Business hours:
Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm Central Standard Time

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